Saturday, January 5, 2013



     So, today was very regular-ish.

Today, I :

Decided that it's cruel to make Bug go around with her hair in her face like a shaggy dog, so I consulted my  board, Baby!! on Pinterest and found this great blog on toddler hairstyles! Here's what I was going for:

Here's what I accomplished....NAILED IT !!!!!

I sang, "Let's clean the poo-poo!" with the passion of a gospel singer on Sunday morning.

Bug tried to eat the salad OUT OF MY MOUTH.

I got really sad 'cuz I went to call and chat with my Dad and then remembered he died a month ago.

I poked around on Pinterest and found another 84 ways to use mason jars.

I let Bug cry in her walker for 10 minutes so that I could get the dishes done. She's been here 10 1/2 months, hasn't she caught on that I have other shit to do besides play with her toys??

I read four web pages about composting and pH levels of soil and animal deterrents and regional plant diseases ssssnnnoooorrrrree..........

For our dinner I made cous-cous with chicken and veggies.

For Bug I made her favorite. Pasta with this fucked up sauce I make to disguise the veggies in it. Tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, a jar of baby beef with gravy, and parmesan cheese. Dash of garlic powder. Can't shovel it into her mouth fast enough. Here's the pic. Try not to puke.

I contemplated the reasons why one cannot simply be drunk all day, as I made my favorite cocktail, a white-trash martini. Coors light with 2 olives and some olive juice, in a Beatles glass. I'm not picky about which Beatle. Tonight it's John.

We played peek-a-boo around the couch for what had to be an hour.

I grew a zit on my chest.

I discovered a way to snort olive oil:
Click the link to learn how.
 Powdered olive oil

I played pool with my husband, and lost, as usual.

I listened to this Japanese compilation of Beatles hits on vinyl. It's a Beatles night.

And now, I will philosophize with my husband about random shit. Then end. :)

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