Friday, January 4, 2013

Planted some shit.

     I fancy myself nothing of a gardener. Spider plants and cactus have dropped dead at the mention of my name. However, I can be quite determined when I want something, and lately I want to not spend $250 a week on groceries. Hence, I am trying to save any way I can, and growing my own produce is step one.

     I never imagined that produce could be so crappy and so expensive in Florida! In Southern California, it was cheaper to buy fresh foods and cook them yourself, but here it's cheaper to buy frozen corn dogs and Happy Meals. I recently figured out why this is. There are no Mexicans here. Before you tell me I'm racist and ignorant and should go to hell, shut your mouth. So. Cal is right next to Mexico, and the whole state is dotted with farms. The grocery stores are filled with produce that was grown down the street using cheap labor (migrant workers) and from just a hop skip across the border. You can get a head of romaine in California with the dirt still on it for $1 when it's on sale. Last week I bought a head of romaine in a sealed bag, from Chile or some shit, for $2.19. We're on one income. $2.19 for lettuce is unacceptable.

     On to the project of the day. I found this site, which tells you based on your zip code what to plant, when, and how. Seems idiot proof. Unfortunately Walmart didn't have everything I wanted, so I settled on roma tomatoes, jalapenos, and collard greens. Bug "helped". Actually, she tried to eat a dead moth, crawled into the mud with my phone, and dumped one of my freshly planted tomato pots. I just put all the dirt back in it and acted like nothing happened :)

 The collards are the leafy ones. This was the sunniest spot I could find near the house without putting them out in the yard for the squirrels and armadillos and God knows what else to get.

Yeah, she licked those carpets >>>>>>>>>>>>>

She's about to eat the moth.


Steven Long said...

Kerry I just read your blog, and I love it. Was a great way to pass the time on my lunch break. Heading back to work with a smile now. Keep it up.

Lorrie Bowden said...

Sprout Robot is rad! Unfortunately I can't do much planting here before April because of frost, but am looking forward to starting a pallet garden this year. They are different, cheap to make/start, easy to maintain, and save a TON of space if you can't have a proper garden. Happy growing!