Friday, February 22, 2013

Etsy and cat food.

     I had an epiphany! I should start my own business, because I have a hobby I can profit from and a repulsion to working for other people, especially in a "team" environment. It has come to the point in our family where it's pretty hard to function comfortably on one income, and my experience lies in the service industry, which in Florida amounts to far below poverty wages. Unacceptable. My other option is to work for the family business, which used to sound interesting, but now I realize it's just retail and I'd rather wait tables. Except I don't want to wait tables. Starting the business was the quickest decision I have ever made, which is scary, but also funny because it shows how little I want to go out and get a "real" job.
     The subject of family businesses and the food service industry reminds me of when I worked at Olive Garden, where they "treat you like family". Just in case you don't know, companies who tell you they'll "treat you like family" are out to fuck you. Why? It's a psychological joke, because the idea is, you trust them, you are loyal to them, you protect them, and you forgive your family for almost anything. You do not sue them, sell them out or pull a no-call/no-show on New Year's day. Don't fall for it. Go to college.

     So I'm starting an Etsy shop to sell my handmade/altered baby and toddler girls clothes and accessories. Figuring all that out and making items to sell, plus getting ready for Bug's 1st birthday, has made me very busy, hence the inability to blog very often. I did capture this priceless moment, where she played for 30 heard me. THIRTY MINUTES, with the dry cat food. I didn't even care about the mess!

     Back to the Etsy shop, I am a bit nervous. I look at some of the stuff other people have in their shops, and they seem so fancy. Sometimes my seams are a tad crooked...or the shade of pink thread I picked isn't dark enough....But generally I think that if I would be happy with it, others would too. Ugh but the other day I made a tank dress for my 2nd cousin, and had to use crappy binding tape that was rough, and the hem wasn't finished right. And I think now, why didn't I finish the hem or go get the right binding? The answer is, because I did the same for that dress as I did my own daughter's which was a replica of the first dress. Is that bad? Maybe. But Bug grows out of stuff so often...I dunno. From now on though, I will only turn out proper work. Because that's fair, and not everyone sees this temporary situation called childhood as something to be relaxed about, like I do.

     All of a sudden I have tons of ideas about what I could make and sell, and I know that if I could just get my shop SEEN, people would like my stuff. But ads aren't free, and I have run out of money to spend on the business for this month. Hopefully I can sell a couple things and put the money back into the shop. Another part of me really wants to keep all this stuff for Bug! Especially the reversible owl skirt, UGH! I even made it in the size she'll be around Easter, and promised myself that if I can't sell it by then, Bug gets to have it! Cross your fingers!

     My Mom is going to be here on March 18th. Plenty of time to prepare for her visit. I talked to her recently, and it worried me to hear her so out of it. I feel like she's just waiting for her first chance "out" if you know what I mean. My father's death and our moving out of state has made her so depressed, she sleeps too much, barely's heartbreaking.I have been trying to mentally prepare myself and my family for her visit. I plan to keep things happy at all times while she's here, and keep the mood fun and light (which it always is anyway) so that she can just have fun. And also because I want her to know that we are happy, and just fine. Because if she is just waiting to go be with Dad, she can hopefully do so with peace.

     Oh, I almost forgot to tell you! Bug is walking! Well, she walks holding my hand all the time, and now she'll do it independently too, if she's holding a baby shoe in each hand. I tried to give her a block in each hand, and then two other toys in each hand, but she wouldn't do it. Has to be shoes. She also learned how to dance, and it's the cutest thing ever! Now I keep the music channels on all day for her. She likes the kids channel (but I hate it), doesn't like the toddler channel, and her favorites are reggae, classic rap, and electronica. She's pretty much RAD.

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