Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I'm back for round two.

Hi y'all!

     I haven't been here since 2014, but I will only tell you why, briefly. First, we adopted Brandon, and he was far too fragile for my full-disclosure style writing. He needed space, and continuing the blog was impossible without including that part of our lives.
     Then, I started to evolve in a direction that changed my worldview in a way which made some of my ideas and rants pretty embarrassing. I contemplated starting a whole new blog so I could spare myself from the shame, but that just wouldn't be honest, would it? ;)

So, here we are. I have made friends, and lost friends. I have run 2 successful businesses, I started working as a cake decorator for a major company, I have two adult children and one who is in preschool. I have adulted at a fair level. I am also about to turn 40.

     I am about halfway through life, if I am lucky. So.Much.Has.Happened. I'm scared and excited about the next 40 years coming up.
     I have always felt it when the universe gave me a resting point to reflect and compare and look around with fresh eyes. I'm not sure if the catalyst this time is my birthday or the Presidential election, but both have certainly been heavy in my mind. I'm here in this moment, and it feels like this moment and not like any other time. I'm present. So I need to write. I have a lot to say, but I don't know how to start. So I just...will. Gimme a minute. More to come.