Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mommy and me? Ugh.....

     I totally need to get out of the house. Yeah, I know I've been saying that for months now. But for reals. The time is now. But what do I do? Roller derby didn't end up being something I wanted to dedicate myself to out here, and I had put all my eggs in that basket. Why not derby? Well for one, I forgot how late practices typically are, and that afterward you're so amped up it's impossible to sleep right when you get home. Staying up until one or two isn't an option with this baby thing in my life. Second, when I skated before, I took Gage with me to practices, and Bug is just too young for me to do that. Third, I hate the way the game has changed. The new rules suck, and turning roller derby into a family event makes it less fun for me. So, meh.

     The obvious choice for easy socialization is...Dun.. Dun.. Dun... Playgroups. Yep, we're at that point. Now normally, you know I don't like Moms because they are the most judgmental and uptight variety of female, and although I have many female friends I adore, making new ones always makes me paranoid and anxious. I'm pretty sure normal women feel more comfortable around a group of women than a group of men or in mixed company, but I am not that way. I think we went over this. Too many "Mean Girls" experiences, dude. But THIS time, I am going to be brave and go in with positive vibes and no expectations. We'll see what happens.

     For years I have been looking for volunteer opportunities or for some type of community activism to put my philanthropic efforts into. I even joined a volunteerism match-up site one time, where you tell them your available hours and skills, and they match you with volunteer opportunities and community events. All I ever got was emails asking if I could clean the bathrooms at the Ronald McDonald House. Um no. See I fall somewhere between saint and too shallow to clean other people's toilets. Closer to the latter description. So, it didn't work out.
     And then today during Bug's morning nap I was browsing local Mommy-and-Me groups, and I thought...what cause do I care about? What group of people am I especially concerned about? Just then I ran across an article about a GSA (Gay-Straight-Alliance) club starting at one of the high schools here, after being denied permission to do so in years past. It said that my county still didn't allow this club, which has been a staple in many high schools for over a decade, but that they hoped to have one soon. And then it hit me! LGBT youth programs! DUH! So then I start searching and initially, every LGBT group I find has been inactive for a long time, and I can't find any LGBT youth groups. I was so upset about it, I thought well shit...I'll start one myself! Luckily, I later found a whole bunch of active groups on Facebook, because I certainly don't have time to start a non-profit all by myself. So there ya go. I emailed one of them to see if there's any way I can help, and hopefully I'll get good news back. Yay!

     I read that there is a high population of homeless teenagers here, and like, 30% of them are gay? Broke my heart, dude. I can't imagine kicking my kid out of the house for any reason! How could you do that?! Gross. A long time ago I volunteered for some group that gave box lunches and condoms to homeless kids, so I figure that's probably still what they do. It's something I can do with Bug on my hip, and it'll make me happy to be able to help in some small way. I'm excited.

Alright, I guess I have to do housewife things now, dammit.


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